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Equine Care in Kandiyohi County, MN

Do you own a horse or a small ruminant animal (such as a sheep, goat, or pig)? It is essential to take care of them like you would any other type of pet. Avoid problems before they arise by scheduling an appointment at Buckingham Equine Veterinary Clinic. Alex Iden is a licensed, long-practicing equine veterinarian.

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Some don’t realize the importance of vaccinating horses to protect them against rabies. Rabies is a deadly and universal illness that can cause neurological damage as well behavioral changes. If not treated in time, rabies can lead to death.

Equine Dentistry

The condition of your horse’s teeth can affect their health, and even the way they eat. Jagged or overgrowing teeth can lead to significant discomfort. We provide equine dentistry services to ensure your horse’s oral health is in optimal condition.

Hoof Care

Hooves tend to overgrow and must be trimmed properly. An uneven or neglected hoof can cause serious foot problems and interfere with your horse’s good quality of life!

Ensure your horse and small ruminants are in good hands — contact Buckingham Equine Veterinary Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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